Flying Mouse & Dandelions Wall Decals


A field of dandelions and a playful little mouse add a little touch of whimsy to a nursery wall! 

  • Dimensions: 1 set includes 6 big dandelions, 2 mice and various small dandelion seeds as shown. The dandelion balls are about 4.5"x4.5" each and the mice are approximately 5" tall (Shown to scale with a 30" wide kids table)
  • Please note these decals have soft colors which pops the most against a white wall. They will have a more muted look on other wall colors such as beige, grey or pink. 

More Information: 

  • Easy to install instructions included
  • Pre-cut to shape with no white background or edges around the shapes
  • Printed on highly durable and long lasting vinyl wall decal
  • Suitable on all types of walls except bricks or heavily textured wall