Baby Hooded Cover Up Cotton Organic Muslin - Whale


Baby Muslin Poncho 100% Organic Cotton The Muslin Baby Hooded Cape is a clever poncho made of a 2 layer body giving you enough comfort and warmth to cuddle your littles. It keeps babies warm while keeping their arms free, because they are better to hug, cuddle and explore at the same time. Made from an amazing quality muslin cotton material you won’t want to take it off! Perfect for holidays and beach days, or as a handy cover-up whilst hanging around the garden or paddling pool on a warm, sunny day. It’s designed to easily fit over their swimwear.


100% Premium cotton. Hooded poncho with partially seamed sides. Super soft, light weight, compact and travel friendly. Highly absorbent and fast drying.

The fabric absorbs water as fast as normal terry towels, but dries five times faster. Protect from sun. Breathable and sheds sand. Allows for airflow, reducing the risk of overheating. Gentle against skin.


Unisex, loose fitting, non restrictive and high durable. Gets softer after each wash.


Made in Turkey