Our Story

It all started when…

I was pregnant with my son Hudson. Trying to find products that were high quality, affordable, TRENDY, and available in Canada was next to impossible. While I did find many beautiful products, most of them wouldn’t ship to Canada. Other products became completely unaffordable after exchange rates were considered. Determined, and with the help of my mother (bless her heart, she was completely volun-told as I couldn't sew at the time), I started to make some of the items that I really wanted. We made swaddles, blankets, pillows and other décor for his nursery. Project by project, his room filled with handmade pieces. When my daughter Willow was born a few years later I found myself in the same place. There were so many things I wanted to buy for her and I couldn’t. Once again, we ended up making a collection of handmade pieces for her as well. For months during my maternity leave, I remember staying up late, night after night, making her bows, headbands and other girlie things to match her outfits.

Starting Willow+Hudson was an idea that I have had since the very first project I worked on for my son Hudson. It grew from an idea, to a dream and now to a reality. While most of our products are sourced from high quality providers you can still find a few handmade gems.

Willow+Hudson is both a brand and a place to find unique designer apparel, accessories and toys for your little ones. We're a Canadian company with a focus on natural organic and quality clothing of style for babies and toddlers alike. We care a great deal about ECO friendly sustainability and natural organic materials in the sale of our products.