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Fabric Mushroom House

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Escape into the deep forest in the Land of Fabelab and discover the many wonders of nature. In the forest you will find Fabelab's Fabric House Mushroom, where Fairy Dolls and Pocket Friends live together. The adorable Mushroom House is made of 100% organic cotton and soft foam. It goes well together with Fabelab's Magical Beings, like the Midsummer Elf - Ingvild, her friend Forest Elf and other lovely creatures. The Fabric House Mushroom is perfect for magical playing, when your little one wants to discover the beautiful wonders of nature!

The Fabric House Mushroom has the cutest little details in earthy tones and a door to open and explore the inside of a Mushroom. The mushroom is super soft, easy to play with and perfect for indoor play.
Together with the Doll Flower Shower, they create a wonderful play scape for our Magical Beings dolls.

The idea of Fabelab’s Fabric House Mushroom originates from a playful, experimental space where dreams inspire an imaginative landscape of multi-purpose products, that allow children and their families to grow and develop together, gathering stories and valuable childhood memories along the way. Fabelab's products are designed in Copenhagen Denmark, and are made from sustainable textiles from a partner company in India.

Material:Outer shell: 100% organic cotton Filling: Polyurethane
Wash Code:N1