Sleeping Bag - Muslin - Bee


A Sleeping Bag is a practical cover for your child while sleeping. This sleeping bag is made from soft, organic cotton muslin with a cute bee print on the outside. It has a side zipper and is TOG 0.9, which makes it great for summer season.

100% Organic cotton


Top features: 

- Fabric in 2-layer, 100 % Organic Cotton 

- Light fabric for comfort 

- No seams in the back area for extra comfort

- Maschine washable 

- Use instead of blankets for safe sleep and comforting feel

For safe use: 

- Ensure that the child's head cannot pass through the neck opening when buttoned 

- Make sure the that neck and arm opening fit snug enough to stay in place all night. 

- Take into account the room temperature and the child's sleepwear for the best comfort and healthy sleeping climate.